Gemini ~ Goodwill Festival Meditation Impressions

This cycle around the Goodwill full moon, what it's been saying is "Make Room for More Love." Not yet sure about any of the practical aspects of this instruction, as to how, when, where, etc., yet the directive is absolutely clear ... and most welcome.

6/6 Sat 9pm Meditation
There was a sense of agitation due to major change occurring, from a more predatory energy that is resistant to evolution into an experience which is joyous and humane. The noise comes from the ungroundedness the change is causing — it required intense focus invoking peace to come in and through. Many are seeking the path and everyone's coming together initially is causing cacophony as all the diverse paths converge. A hookup was made to the plane of spirit and then a field of deep blue enveloped everything and everyone on the side of light.

Words of Wisdom - Do Good Anyway

It is said that the following was carried with Mother Theresa for years and even on the day of her death. There is a fabled dispute whether Mother Theresa or Kent Keith wrote the words. The truth is Universal and so is this …


People are unreasonable, illogical and self-centered.
...Love them anyway!

If you do good, people will accuse you of selfish, ulterior motives.
...Do good anyway!

If you are successful, you will win false friends and enemies.
...Succeed anyway!

The good you do will be forgotten tomorrow.
...Do good anyway!

President Obama's Cairo University Speech

President Obama spoke in Cairo University today. I copied the end of his speech that speaks volumes for his aim in unanimity, and the universality of sharing this planet and Divinity's plan and purpose.

The end of Obama's speech today at Cairo University:

Finally, in the spirit of his event, President Obama concluded his remarkable Cairo address by highlighting the individual mandates for peace in each of the major Abrahamic religions.

2009 Goodwill Festival Meditation

The Full Moon in Gemini~Sagittarius
Sunday, June 7 at 11:12 am PDT (18:12 UT)

We take the needed time to create a sacred space and spiritually align our energies. When this is achieved, as part of the united group channel through which spiritual forces can become available, we sense and embody the Spirit of Goodwill.

Illumined, we rise as one to meet the Light from the high place, Shamballa. The gateway that is Gemini swings open wide.

In response to the invocation of humanity, the golden, white Light of Deity shines brightly upon us. This reveals within us the perfect relationship between spirit and form. We stand now at the midway point where these energies meet.

Shamballa/Wesak Festival, Taurus 2009 Impression

As we rose to meet the light I sensed greater numbers present and that
we as Light Workers for Humanity were focused in a new and higher place.
Our focus was shifting from the Wesak Valley, which had been such a
spiritual highpoint for us, to an ever greater co-operation with
Spiritual Hierarchy, and our mutual connection to the energy from the
High Place, Shamballa.

The Light we were already radiating was very potent as was the Light
from above. I saw two lights within the Light. The Light of the Buddha
and the Light of the Christ. Interesting, I sensed clearly their energy
but did not see or sense their forms, as I had often had in the past at
Wesak. The energy of the Buddha was present. This great being had
stepped down the energy from Shamballa time after time at Wesak,
bringing the Light of Illumination to our world.

Aries 2009 Meditation Impression

As we came together united in meditation for the Full Moon in Aries, there was a sense that more souls were aligned and participating at this, the Festival of Easter, than ever before. I sensed too that things were changing, in flux, in our world and in our relationship to the Hierarchy and Deity. Things were changing even in how we view and participate in the three major Spiritual Festivals.

Each year, at this, the first festival, I sense an enlivening in the Life. It is like an energy boost. I, we, know that this festival does have a special place in the Life. Our relationship with the Spiritual Hierarchy is evolving, and it is the beginning of our spiritual year, the time of renewal, growth and the rising. The circle of life turns on, yet it is an ascending spiral. We are rising!

March 2009 Pisces Meditation Impression and our preparation for the Spring Festivals

The following is an impression I received during our meditation at the Full Moon in March, in Pisces. I am sharing it now because it speaks to the Spring Festivals and our future work.

Love and Light,
Ted J. Rucker

In meditation at the full moon in March I found my sacred place within
the great Global Grid, the Chalice. In moments I was one with my fellow
assembled Light Workers. Soon I felt a great upwelling of energy. I was
searching for a word that describes the feeling and it was "liberation".
I felt freer, and certain things that at times I think are important,
truly fell away as we lifted. I felt awakened, alive spiritually and

Aries, The Ram

On Easter here's to share this summary from Meditation and the Rhythm of the Year by Michael J. Eastcott (with emphasis added) ...

The symbol of this sign, the down-turned horns of the Ram, signifies its primary keynote ~ the coming into manifestation, the start of the cycle which will carry out the purpose of the Life Force. The methods by which this takes place are expressed in the following four injunctions or commands of the soul as incarnation is begun:

1. Express the will to be and do.
2. Unfold the power to manifest.
3. Enter the battle for the Lord.
4. Arrive at unity through effort.

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