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Gathering the Arrows of Aspiration: Praying for Discernment

"[The Archer] has, figuratively speaking, to dismount constantly from his white horse (the developed and purified personality) and find where the arrows of intuitional aspiration will take him;"

O Great Spirit....I come into your presence
Here midst those seeking to Be Open and transformed
by The Encounter with Spirit Energy of Christ Consciousness Power here.......

My journey has been an amazing one....and I do not want to get caught up in glamours.....

Dances with Guadalupe

I met her once......
at an "Ecumenical Indian Conference" in the Land and People of White Calf Buffalo Woman
~~~ Peace pipes and medicine wheels.....
Beneath their Sacred Mountain.......

She had brought a number of inner city 1st Nation Teens to this Spiritual conference,
where the traditional ways
were being rediscovered
as the Residential School walls
began to erode and
the Church began to Claim Responsibility for Desecration........

We clicked....We shared a Something because I recognized her Namesake......

Meditation Impressions ~ 2010 Sagittarius~Solstice

The 2010 Sagittarius Festival full moon occurs just 15 hours prior to the December Solstice, both on Tuesday, December 21.

All who participate in's Sagittarius~Solstice Clarity of Purpose Global Meditation
are welcome to share impressions here, in response to this thread.

Advent Ponderings: The Divine Feminine and the Archetype of Birth

The opening letter was written for a group of women to whom I send Full and New moon research articles for reflection......this was written on the First Sunday in Advent......

Preparing for Solstice......the Longest NIGHT.......

Dear Friends….. We are moving into a Season of growing darkness where we are invited to move into our depths like a Seed, and to wait by nourishing ourselves for a significant Healing/Transformation/Vision/Implementation of Vision that will organically evolve…….

Information on Zeal Chakra///by Eileen Brooks, from Messangers of Spirit

Zeal Point a newly awakened Chakra...

This is situated at the back of the neck at the base of the skull, just where there is an indentation. This Chakra works more on a Transpersonal Level, it works at our Soul Level with the Soul Star Chakra which is positioned out and above the Crown Chakra (this is classed as an out of body Chakra, once again most therapists do not work on this level of the Chakra's.)
The colour associated with the Zeal Point Chakra is magenta infused with pure white light from the Soul Star Chakra.

Scorching Ground BUILDS and CONTAINS....

Since the Volcanoes began to erupt this year on the New Moon of Aries, I have been asking for guidance around Fire imagery in my own Healing and Meditation. The First Impression was that the Volcanoes are Gaia's response to the "Fire the Grid" meditation that many of us participated in in 2007.

I have been dealing with survival issues, and with a rich history of PTSD (~_~) there are days when I spend much of my day in Solitude learning to Hold Centre when Fear can feel tortuous. A friend wrote me this:

Meditation Impressions ~ 2010 Scorpio Festival

The Scorpio Festival full moon occurs on Sunday, November 21.

All who participate in's Scorpio Festival Clarity of Purpose Global Meditation
are invited to share impressions here, in response to this thread.

Even the Elect Shall be Deceived

While struggling with the outcome of the election in the United States on November 2, 2010 a channel opened with a message. Wherever your belief falls on outcome, there is much to learn. As leaders we must recognize the ebb and flow of cycles. The Cycle of Joy and the Cycle of Despair. The Cycle of Full and the Cycle of Empty. When up is down and down is up. In each cycle there is a chance to spin out of control. The truth that is beating in my soul says that to every thing there is a season and reason.

2010 Libra Festival ~ Meditation Impressions

The Libra Festival full moon occurs on Thursday, September 23.

All who participate in's Libra Festival Clarity of Purpose Global Meditation
are invited to share impressions here, in response to this thread.

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