An Answer to the Fear, Hate, & Evil

This will be our reply to violence: to make music more intensely,
more beautifully, more devotedly than ever before.

- Leonard Bernstein

Principle of Unanimity

Dear Friends,

I have never owned a gun. I do not condone or believe violence solves anything, except in the case of self-defense or the protection of others is involved. Yes, I would support a ban on assault rifles. But in this case and in reality in all cases, it is always the person firing the gun at innocent people that is the problem.

2nd 2016 Goodwill Festival + Gemini Full Moon Vigil

Festival of Goodwill Meditation

Let us fuse ourselves with The Christ light and see the light as one.
- Michelle Pearce

Festival of Goodwill Meditation ~ Audio
SouledOut Global Meditation ~ Sunday, June 19 at 9:00 pm PDT / 04:00 UT Monday, June 20
Full moon exact time ~ Monday, June 20 at 4:02 am PDT / 11:02 UT

As participants in the second 2016 Gemini Full Moon Vigil, we will sound The Great Invocation* at the start and end of the quarter hour interval, Sunday evening 6/19 at 9:30 and 9:45 pm PDT (04:30 and 04:45 UT Monday 6/20), as a component of our Gemini~Goodwill Global Meditation.

The upcoming, second full moon Festival during Gemini ~ Monday, June 20 at 4:02 am PDT / 11:02 UT ~ takes place on the day of the Summer Solstice event.

It seems altogether aligned with the twin symbology of Gemini for there to be two Goodwill Festivals events this cycle, with emphasis on the first one that sequentially followed this spring's Aries and Wesak Festivals.

Look Up! ... Gemini and the Human Kingdom

Image Credit: Mark Golding

In the future, humanity will become the diamond-souled kingdom ~
working as one to fuse spiritual and mundane fire and raise planetary
kundalini. As this occurs, the whole of planetary life will shift onto etheric
levels and a state unimaginable to us at present. The pure, cold fire of love
that shines from Venus whose evolution is someway ahead of ours, indicates
the way, as does the sulphurous, fiery atmosphere that envelops its physical
body indicate that the liberation of spirit from matter has taken place.

- Lucis Trust, The Purified Breath and Carbon Transformation

Hello Star Gazers,
As Gemini's Goodwill lunar cycle (May 6-June 4) comes to a close, I offer a few notes for your listening pleasure, notes that the heavenly Twins sound forth into our human realm.

The Gemini Twins Constellation

Image: StarDate Online / Adobe Photoshop

Look Up! ... Goodwill's Galactic Full Moon

The will-to-good of the world knowers
is the magnetic seed of the future.
The will-to-good is the Father aspect,
whilst goodwill is the Mother aspect,
and from the relation of these two the
new civilisation, based on sound spiritual
(but utterly different) lines, can be founded.

- Alice A. Bailey, The Rays and The Initiations

Hello Night Sky Travelers,
May 6, 12:29pm PDT marked the beginning of the 2016 Festival of Goodwill lunar cycle that ends June 4, 7:59pm PDT. The Goodwill Festival is the third of the three major planetary Full Moon Festivals that occur in the spring. The first, March 23 penumbral lunar eclipse, aligned with the Christ (Easter), the second, April 21/22, aligned with the Buddha (Wesak) and the third, May 21, with the spiritual and Divine nature of humanity (Goodwill). These Festivals form a spiritual high point of the year.

The Goodwill Full Moon is exact Saturday, May 21 at 2:14pm PDT (21:14 UT)

The folks at invite you to celebrate the current lunar month by participating in the Goodwill Full Moon Festival of Unification.

Mercury's rare transit of the Sun May 9 was fun to watch online. I felt blessed to see a solar prominence emerge behind Mercury, as well as see sunspots across the Sun! This photo is exquisite and this one is unique Tiny Mercury and the International Space Station You can see more at Mercury Transit Photo Gallery.

Lunar Theme: New Beginnings "This May 6, 2016 New Moon resides amongst the stars of the Ram ... at the ecliptical location of the Sun's exaltation [Map], making this an empowering lunar cycle ... to step forth into a more appropriate position in life, to gain greater freedom in life, or to create some type of transformation in our lives to do so. It is of new beginnings ... to take action ... surrendering any righteous attitudes we may hold about deserving more or becoming more than we are, which creates an inner tension that keeps us from the very thing we seek ... this location ... is of a regenerative nature ... can also be volatile ... requires a need to channel this energy ..." Click the lunar theme link for more insights by Nick Fiorenza.

Festival of Goodwill and the Galactic Heart
Full Moon Exact: Saturday, May 21 at 2:14pm PDT (21:14 UT)
Aldebaran / Antares Axis ~ Healing of the Nations

2018 Gemini~Goodwill Festival Meditation ~ Audio

Let Purpose guide our wills
The Purpose which the Masters Know and Serve

- The Great Invocation*

Gemini~Goodwill Festival Global Meditation ~ Audio
Full Moon Exact Time ~ Tuesday, May 29 at 7:19 am PDT / 14:19 UT

At the full moon during the sign Gemini, widely known among perpetrators of the Ageless Wisdom as the Christ’s Festival and as the Festival of Humanity, there tends to be emphasis on themes related to the 3 I’s ~ Individuation, Initiation, and Identification.

As Individual human units, we take Initiation into the spiritual kingdom through Identification with our Divine essence or spirit, within the Whole of Life to which we belong.

Cycles & Rhythms ~ From Atom to Infinite

The timeless in you is aware of life's timelessness;
and knows that yesterday is but today's memory
and tomorrow is today's dream.

- Kahlil Gibran

Monday, May 9, 2016: Mercury passes directly in front of the Sun!

Be Eye Safe. Never look directly at the Sun.

This transit is visible in most parts of the world except Japan, parts of eastern Asia, Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand.

Mercury will come into view on the sun’s face at 7:12 a.m. EDT (11:12 UTC). It’ll make a leisurely journey across the sun’s face, reaching mid-point at approximately 10:47 a.m. EDT (14:47 UTC) and finally exiting at 2:42 p.m. EDT (18:42 UTC). Translate to your time zone here. The entire 7.5-hour path across the sun will be visible across the U.S. East – with magnification and proper solar filters – while those in the U.S. West can observe the transit in progress after sunrise.

Transits of Mercury happen only 14 times in the 21st century (2001 to 2100). The previous one occurred November 8, 2006, and the next one occurs November 11, 2019.

Wesak -> Goodwill Safeguarding ~ Utilizing The Great Invocation

When that Plan is sensed, there comes the realisation of the unity of all beings,
of the synthesis of world evolution and of the unity of the divine objective.
All life and all forms are seen then in their true perspective;
a right sense of values and of time then eventuates. When the
Plan is truly intuited and at first hand, then constructive
effort becomes inevitable and there is no lost motion.

- Alice A. Bailey, Discipleship in the New Age I p. 25

Wesak~Goodwill Safeguarding

The Great Invocation’s essential meaning both encapsulates and epitomizes the true significance of Wesak Festival and Safeguarding the newly inflowing energies, in preparation of the Gemini Festival of Goodwill, this year on Tuesday, May 29.

From the Point of Light within the Mind of God
Let Light Stream forth into our Minds,
Let Light Descend on Earth.

Annually, the Buddha engages in the Wesak Ceremony’s very pure conveyance of Light from on High, just as is described in the first three lines of The Great Invocation. Through his annual act on behalf of humanity and all on Earth, the Forces of Enlightenment become activated.

Look Up! ... Wesak + Saturn, Mars, Antares Triangle

Hello Sky Watchers,
April 7, 4:24am PDT marked the beginning of the 2016 Wesak lunar cycle that ends May 6, 12:29pm PDT. Forces of enlightenment from our highest spiritual planetary center, Shamballa, are released during this lunar cycle's Full Moon Festival, April 21/22. The Wesak Festival is the second of the three major planetary Full Moon Festivals that occur in the spring. The first, March 23 penumbral lunar eclipse, aligned with the Christ (Easter), the second, April 21/22, aligns with the Buddha (Wesak) and the third, May 21, with the spiritual and Divine nature of humanity (Goodwill). These Festivals form a spiritual high point of the year.

The Wesak Full Moon is exact at 10:24pm PDT Thursday, April 21 (05:24 UT Friday, April 22). Look east (left) of the Moon, and view Saturn and Mars in a striking triangle with Antares, the heart star of Scorpius the Scorpion. See map below.

The folks at invite you to celebrate the current lunar month by participating in the Wesak Full Moon Festival Global Meditation, celebrating the Festival of Shamballa ~ the Festival of the Buddha.

Lunar Theme: Financial Affairs "This April 7, 2016 New Moon conjoins Uranus ... Although we have completed the Uranus-Pluto square [*], the square is still dispersing, within a 3° orb. This New Moon also aspects the Jupiter-Saturn square ... Thus this lunar cycle engages and emphasizes the energetics of both squares, initiating action to create revolutionary change ... and to relinquish antiquated structures ... Stars conjoining ... include Revati of Pisces ... This Uranus-Revati-lunar cycle, involving ... Uranus, Haumea [*] and Eris [*], brings attention to financial resources and financial affairs, both personally and globally, the control of money and to how it is used ... " Click the lunar theme link for more insights by Nick Fiorenza.

The Wesak Full Moon Festival
Festival of Shamballa ~ Festival of the Buddha
Full Moon Exact: Thursday, April 21, 2016-10:24pm PDT (05:24 UT 4/22)
Look for Saturn and Mars East of Moon - Late Night / Early Morning

Image: Distant Suns / Adobe Photoshop

Wesak Pilgrimage & 2018 Global Meditation ~ Audio

Wesak ~ Audio

If [the New Group of World Servers] can aspire, pray, meditate and serve,
focusing in unison with all other servers at the time of the May full moon,
the salvaging of humanity can go forward with much greater speed than
heretofore, and the results will be appreciably apparent.

- Alice A. Bailey, Esoteric Psychology II

Wesak Festival Global Meditation ~ Audio
Sunday, April 29 at 5:58 pm PDT ~ 00:58 UT Monday, April 30

The Wesak Festival is a time each year characterized by Spiritual Approach, when the Wesak Legend is reenacted in present time at the moment of the full moon during the sign Taurus.

Just as the Buddhist pilgrims who come together in physical formation from the surrounding districts to the remote location of Mt. Kailish, high in the Himalayas “at the top of the world” … so are we also making the journey symbolically in order to arrive in planetary group formation for meditative group alignment and service.

4/7 New Moon Waxes to Wesak

Divine Flow

Emptiness which is conceptually liable to be mistaken for sheer
nothingness is in fact the reservoir of infinite possibilities.

- D. T. Suzuki

Even as we continue to bask in the Light of the Aries Festival, having culminated with the full moon on March 23, the cycle of Life continues to progress while the moon now wanes towards its new phase.

And with the new moon on April 7, our dedicated focus shifts from the holy energies of the Aries Festival of the Risen One ~ Easter, following the dark of the moon to wax towards the next and most high and sacred of the 3 spring festivals ~ The Festival of Shamballa ~ Wesak.

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