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"High-Lighting" Hubble's 25th Anniversary!

Fireworks Hubble

Happy, Happy Anniversary on April 24 to our eye high in the sky, the Hubble Telescope.

Planning for the Hubble Telescope began way back in the 1970s. The idea was to have a space telescope that would transcend the blurring effects of the earth's atmosphere, allowing it to take images with greater clarity, and has it ever!

Aries 2014 Meditation Impression

Based on SouledOut.Org's Aries Meditation and related writings.

2014 Capricorn Meditation Impression


At this time, the full moon associated with Capricorn 2014, the message that is coming through... it is very important for us to be filled with light, to be upright beings of light. It is very important that we clearly see the way, and connect the Light in the Heart, to the Light in the Head, to the Soul Light. I could see in the moment everyone with crown-like spheres over their heads.

2013 Aquarius Meditation Impression

Hello friends in time and space, from this or yet another time and place!

The following impression is based on the Aquarius Meditation and related writings found on SouledOut.org.

I definitely felt the energy of cleansing and healing, it felt like preparation for the the New Year, for the Spiritual Festivals. It really felt like we were going in a new direction, and that this healing and cleansing was very important. It was interesting that this last month I had a lovely and restorative vacation, and then got sick with the flu, but it all seemed part of the cleansing and healing process that is going on in me and Humanity.

2012 Sagittarius Meditation Impression

First, I would like to take a moment and thank Davita Lynne, Nancy Connally, and Susan Sun for the beautiful poetry, prose and insights you share with all on the WeCycledWisdom.

What follows is an impression received during the Full Moon, just passed, for Sagittarius, in November 2012. It is based on the SouledOut Full Moon Meditation and the related writings found on the site, and the works of A. A. Bailey.

2012 Sirius~Leo Meditation Impression

Sirius ~ Leo

The following Impression is based on SouledOut's Full Moon Festival of Leo 2012 Meditation, and the related materials.

First that I felt and sensed in meditation, and I think for many of our group, that the Leo / Sirius Full Moon is becoming the major festival of our Spiritual year. The second thing that came through right away was that lions and serpents we face and overcome, as did Hercules in Alice Bailey's "The Labours of Hercules". We are going to have to continue to slay these lions and serpents. I don't mean that we are actually killing lions or serpents, I speak here metaphorically. They represent our pride and lower selves slithering about the earth must be dealt with, time and time again.

So in the sense of us connecting to the Global Heart center, uniting with our Spiritual Hierarchy, that comes right back to the point I was just making, it is so important for us to be us to be responsible, present and pure as we enter into these alignments.

2012 Gemini~Goodwill Meditation Impression

The following Impression is based upon SouledOut's Full Moon Meditation for the Festival of Goodwill/Gemini of June 2012, and the other related writings found there.

As I went into meditation, I was thinking about the words "united sustained effort". The message I've been receiving for some time ~ and it is getting stronger and stronger ~ is that we, Humanity, are being called upon to serve, to step up. It is up to us! We are called to put forth a united sustained effort to bring about the greater good.

Little Wesak Wonders

I want to share some little wonders that happened in my life between the New Moon and Full Moon of Taurus this year.

Last year I had some challenges with my own health and in my family. One of the results of this was, my garden did not get the attention and love it likes to have, and I love giving it. So this year I was slowly cleaning, trimming, and nourishing it. Giving it the attention and love that brings it to life.

Meditation Impression for the Full Moon at Wesak / Taurus 2012

The following impression is based on the SouledOut meditation at the Wesak/Taurus Full Moon.

Cindy Paulos and Davita Lynn Starlight have written, on WeCycle Wisdom, about the purity and potency of the Wesak energy. I would like to add that I experienced a new level of purity and potency in the Lightworkers rising to meet the Light at this most auspicious time. Working and aligning to be in this place, this space, the Wesak Valley. Which now, in reality, I see as our whole world. We are bringing the blending of the Buddha and the Christ to our world. Showing again and again, that co-creation brings new revelation.

2012 Capricorn Meditation Impression

The following impression is based on the SouledOut Capricorn meditation and the site's related writings.

In the vision/meditation I see us climbing higher and higher up the mountain and as we rise the Light of the Soul begins to shine brighter and brighter. As I felt this happening to me a question came to me, "In my life as a whole, and in my daily life what am I/we identifying with?" In times of transition and great change asking this question becomes paramount.

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