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Watching an animated orbit of Venus, Earth and Sun,

Joy bubbles up at the Perception of the

Feminine energies of Beauty and Wisdom,

Circling the Sun

Before Kissing the Earth...


Connections of the Peacock Angel, Melchizedek,

a Pleiades Son, Karttikeya

and the Living Word,

begin to Stream through the Crown in Silken Threadpaths

A meditation of Cedercrans Wisdom

 Cedarcrans, Lucille, Ashramic Projections, (c) 2004 Wisdom Impressions p.28, 29


.....in the context of a discussion of the inner processes that are in opposition to one's Clear Embodiment of TRUTH, from the chapter The Laboratory of The Soul.


          "Student:  You lose your identity it seems.

You lose your identity to gain a greater one.  You are correct.

The Chant of Metta

Buffalo Spirit and Buddah Columns

In the mid ninety's, i began to attend "Stoney First Nation" of the Lakoda's Sweat Lodge.  The personal issues i was trying to deal with as "Spiritual Elder" in my community was needing an extra source of Intercession.  It was a profound experience.  All the Years i had been present or presiding with the Sacrament of Communion i had never felt a "deeper" Communion than within the Sweat Lodge.  It is an experience of GROUP in  Womb of the Mother...Dark....strangers in physically vulnerable positions..........Elemental blessings of sage and water upon red hot rocks fi


To all of you at Safe Space and souledout, i want to express from the depths of my Humanity, how grateful i am for the Light that you Shine and the Creative Expression of Sacred Word and Ceremony that You have Fostered here.

i would love to hear your stories and what brought you to this place and time to CREATE AN ETHERIC SANCTUARY THROUGH THE WEB with which one can Access Intelligences beyond any imagining i had before tuning into this site.

With Full Moon Devotions you have Introduced to me CHRIST LIGHT in the HEAVENS......



Re~ Reading to synthesis....

THE SOUL begins to glow as the Sphere Dante saw in his Vision.....

From the Heart.....

Golden Celestial Dragon Lines Bless

Divine Circulatory Flow,

from the DRAGON who Invisibly

offered Her Heart

to Be the Angel Who Played

At The Birth Day of Peace on Earth.......


Joy and New SISTAR

from Kingcome,

is banned from her Home.

i hear in my mind "NO ROOM AT THE INN".


a Family's Heart Base


Some Peaceing of Guadalupe's Mantle

In 1990, Rick Edgar of the Scugog First Nations of the Mississauga gave me a book for Christmas called Sacred Feathers.   It is the story of Kahkewaquonaby (1802 - 1856) who in his own spiritual journey, left the Rites of the Earth Mother to explore the world of the Divine Father G~D of the Christian Missionaries.  He became The Rev.

Peace Stirrings of Orca Magic

August 24, 2008

Celebrations of YEW...THEOPHANIA Re~memberings

26 August 2008 at 5:00pm


You know what. This MultiDimensional living is so COOL. i mean i used to dream about Magic as a kid. Fantasy, Fairy Stories, Mythology....give me those Archetypes in a Magical world and you've got me!!!   i'm one of those who at 56 loves the fact I love Star Wars and Star Trek and StarDust. And right now, in the middle of SOLITUDE and facing choices of going on Welfare or Disability and ALL that that means, i live in a Magical World where Magic happens everyday.

Dragon Sovereignty in Capricorn Light


My deepest Spiritual Healing Focus has been around Sovereignty.  It was “awakened” when I received the Avalon Attunements particularly Branwen as the Guardian Presence of Avalon and Awakening the Guardian/Keepers of the Holy Grail.

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