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Look Up! ... Orion Rules the Winter Night

Hello Night Sky Travelers,
January 20, 5:14am PST marked the beginning of a new lunar cycle that peaks with the February 3 Full Moon and ends February 18, 3:47pm PST.

In 2015, first of six supermoons comes on January 20

Lunar Theme: Clarifying Motive "Our January 20, 2015 New Moon occurs just as Mercury stations to begin its retrograde ... Our New Moon stars impel us to concretize our visions and ideals into demonstrable form. They impart a desire for independence and motivate independent pursuits, generally for personal gain, whether for material gain, for position or advantage in life, or for greater personal knowledge and understanding. They inspire intellectual curiosity, inquisitiveness and discovery of that which is hidden, but most of all, they impel us to examine and clarify our own personal motives that formulate our lives." Click the lunar theme link for more insights by Nick Fiorenza.

The folks at invite you to celebrate the current lunar month by participating in the Aquarius Festival Global Meditation.

Jan. 21-23, Wednesday-Friday At dusk look west-southwest after sundown. A slim waxing Crescent Moon forms a triangle with dim, challenging to see Mercury and bright Venus Jan. 21. It is above Venus and to the right of dim Mars Jan. 22, and forms a diagonal line with Mars and Venus Jan. 23. Use binoculars for viewing Mercury and Mars. Dusk Map 1/21-23 These are the last best nights for Comet Lovejoy. Finder Chart + Photos

Orion Gives Birth ~ Rules the Winter Night
Jupiter at Its Best ~ Mercury Retrograde

Image: NASA / JPL–Caltech / STScI

Look Up! ... It's Heavenly!

Hello Night Sky Travelers,
A new lunar cycle began December 21, 5:36pm PST, 2 1/2 hours after the exact solstice. This cycle peaks with the January 4 Full Moon and ends January 20, 5:14am PST.

The folks at invite you to celebrate the current lunar month by participating in the Capricorn Festival Global Meditation.

This edition of the "Look Up! Reminder" is short and sweet, yet chock full of heavenly navigation.

Lunar Theme: Parting the Waters The Solstice Gate of God New Moon "Our Solstice-Gate of God-New Moon [in sidereal Sagittarius] brings a prominent focus to an acceleration and engagement of greater and longer-term evolutionary changes ... Rather than seeing physical obstacles that one must dissect, circumvent and overcome to reach those ideals, the Archer [Sagittarius] flows as one within this movement of light to achieve those ideals. Uranus and Pluto [Revolution & Revelation] maintain a very tight and intense orb from here on (within 1°) as they approach their final [7th] geocentric square, which occurs in March of 2015 ... We can expect to see a dramatic but slow progression of radical action and revolutionary change increasing over the several years ahead in many areas of society, but also impelling progressive creative action for new solutions to the changes we face." Click the lunar theme link for more insights by Nick Fiorenza.

Catch a Christmas Crescent
Look for Venus and Mars
Heavenly Navigation

Image: Sky & Telescope

Look Up! ... Solstice Sun and Planet Earth

Hello Everyone,
The December solstice is exact Sunday, December 21 at 3:03pm PST (23:03 UT), just 2 1/2 hours before our current lunar cycle ends. 

Sunset Saturday, Dec. 20 - sunrise Monday Dec. 22 is a High Holy Time, a period to be receptive and to align with the new potent cycle of spiritual approach. You are invited to participate in's Planetary Solstice Meditation. Meditate with at the exact time of the solstice or join in anytime during this 36-hour period.

The astronomical and spiritual significance of the December solstice is discussed below.

The Solstice Sun
Enters Mother Earth


Look Up! ... Solar Bathing, Stellar Navigating

Hello Sky Watchers,
November 22, 4:32am PST marked the start of a new lunar cycle. This cycle peaks with the December 6 Full Moon and ends December 21, 5:36pm PST, just 2 1/2 hours after the winter solstice begins.

Be sure to do some solar bathing during the beginning of December and there's plenty of stellar navigating for any evening of your choice during this lunar cycle!

The folks at invite you to celebrate the current lunar month by participating in the Sagittarius Festival Global Meditation.

Lunar Theme: Metamorphosis "Our November 22, 2014 New Moon lies in the midst of a stellium of planets ... This area of the heavens is about transmuting lower-self desires and patterns into a higher neurological resonance that results in self-mastery ... One of the primary events occurring in this lunar cycle is the sixth out of seven Uranus-Pluto geocentric squares [Revolution and Revelation] ... The Venus-planet cycles ... engage a metamorphic healing process, especially about judgments regarding wrong doings / blunders of the past, cultivating a new and clearer focus, dedication and commitment of an open heart, and allowing a greater level of nourishment to enter heart and to reciprocate from heart ... Venus and Pluto ... [are] impelling us to use the power of heart to steer our intent ..." Click the lunar theme link for more insights by Nick Fiorenza.

SDO Sees Sol and the New Moon - 11/22/14
Solar Highlights for This Lunar Cycle

Image Credit:
Larger Image

Look Up! ... Look Within

Hello Night Sky Travelers,
A solar eclipse heralded a new lunar cycle that began October 23, 2:57pm PDT. This cycle peaks with the November 6 Full Moon and ends November 22, 4:32 am PST. The folks at invite you to celebrate the current lunar month by participating in the Scorpio Festival Global Meditation.

A solar eclipse at the time of the New Moon emphasizes new beginnings that integrate the female (lunar) and male (solar) energies. As a result, during this lunar cycle, humanity is given the opportunity and difficult task to sink into and rise out of creation's "dark void" with a new level of awareness, balance, wholeness and light.

Eclipse of the Heart ~ A Shamanic Journey
Venus at Superior Conjunction in the Underworld

"Meeting the Shadow"
Image Credit:

Look Up! ... Eclipse Day October 23

Partial Solar Eclipse - Thursday, Oct. 23
Do Not Look at The Sun!
Use Proper Eye Protection!

"A partial eclipse of the Sun happens this afternoon for most of North America. Seen from the eastern half of the continent, the Sun sets while the partial eclipse is still in progress. Westerners get to see the whole thing. Eastern New England just misses out." Sky&Telescope

Hold Ceremony with Water

Consider participating in this Global Meditation.
It's curious that this Gathering follows a 50-year Sirius cycle.

Look Up! ... Expansion, Endings, Beginnings, Changes

Hello Sky Watchers,
September 23, 11:14pm PDT marked the beginning of a new lunar cycle, which peaks with the October 8 Full Moon total eclipse and ends Oct. 23, 2:57pm PDT. The folks at invite you to participate in the Libra Festival Global Meditation.

A new season and a new lunar cycle bring us a fresh start and new beginnings. We can expect an expansion in consciousness thanks to the many people united in meditation during this seasonal and lunar transition, as well as during the 9/21 International Day of Peace Vigil and the 9/23 UN Climate Summit Meditation. Expansion is bound to generate endings, beginnings, changes.

Retrograde Mercury (Oct. 4-25) is always too close to the Sun to be seen, however its solar communion always brings a shift or change in direction. Surrender and maintain during the first half of Mercury's retrograde (before its inferior conjunction 10/16). At this time allow the new incoming cosmic energies to break up the old patterns. During the second half (after 10/16) pay attention to emerging new ideas.

This cycle's Full Moon total eclipse brings a time of endings, culmination points and major changes. It is followed by the Oct. 23 New Moon solar eclipse. This is a repeat eclipse pattern that occurred in April 2014! The darkness of these eclipses demands we be receptive to the infinite unknown. We must stretch to expand our consciousness. We may feel like we are walking across a bridge to a brand new place, with no turning back from where we started. How To Deal With Eclipses

Hunter's Moon? ~ Pumpkin Moon?
The Oct. 8 Full Moon is the 2nd total
lunar eclipse of the 2014-2015 Tetrad.
This Full Moon occults Uranus.
Is it a "Blood Moon" of Biblical prophesy?

Our New Moon Aligns with the North Galactic Pole
Laniakea, an "Immeasurable Heaven," Reveals Itself
"Cosmically Aligned, We Embrace
The Eternal Rhythm of the Ages,
The Rhythm of the Sages"

Image Credit: The Lunar Planner Sept. 24 - Oct. 23

Look Up! ... As Above, So Below?

Greetings Everyone,
August 25, 7:13am PDT marked the beginning of a new lunar cycle, which peaks at the September 8 Full Moon and ends September 23, 11:14pm PDT. The folks at invite you to participate in the Virgo Festival Global Meditation.

This edition of "Look Up!" focuses on the solar and planetary effects that have come to my attention since the conjunction of our Sun and Regulus on August 22. The constellation Leo the Lion and its brightest star Regulus are still affecting us as the Virgo lunar cycle begins. Saturn and Mars remaining near the star of forgiveness and revenge continue to test us. A Saturn and Mars conjunction, just after the New Moon, creates challenges for humanity. As Above, So Below?

As Above, So Below?
Some Effects of 2 Great Suns, Regulus and Potent Planets
The Aug. 25 New Moon Lies Just Past Regulus of Leo the Lion

Image Credit: The Lunar Planner Aug. 25 - Sept. 24

Look Up! ... 3 Conjunctions End the Sirius Cycle

Hello Sky Gazers,
The Sirius~Leo lunar cycle ends in the early hours of 8/25. During this cycle the energy of Love-Wisdom has been flowing from Sirius, through our Spiritual Kingdom to a soul-tuned humanity. Now is the time for conscious growth as the waning Crescent Moon dissipates its collected solar potential. Enlightenment at a deep level brings clarification of conscious values. Rebirth can occur.

3 Conjunctions: 1.) Morning Venus, Jupiter and the Beehive 2.)Saturn, Zuben Elgenubi and Mars 3.) Regulus and the Sun

Early Morning Wake Up Call! ~ Monday-Saturday, August 18-23
Venus, Jupiter and the Beehive Star Cluster

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