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Sirius * Present Time Events

We can observe the outward effects of the Goodwill Festival of Humanity at the full moon during Gemini in the general populace through emphasis on weddings, graduations, and vacations that take place around that time. These are all reflections of the Christ's annual distribution of the spiritual energies from on high delivered by the Buddha at Wesak and held in trust for a cycle by the Christ ~ together with Hierarchy and the NGWS (us!) ~ and carry the characteristic quality of energy being distributed, for that event namely Goodwill.

In the same way perhaps we can look into the events that are associated with the Leo cycle, actually effective beginning with the annual conjunction of the Sun to Sirius on July 6 at 14° Cancer, to glean more about the significance of the Sirius Festival at the full moon during Leo (and most frequently, during August).

Today August 6 marks the anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima and nowadays in balance of that event this date is characterized by Peace events in Japan and around the globe.
19th World Peace Prayer Ceremony Hiroshima

Gemini ~ Goodwill Festival Meditation Impressions

This cycle around the Goodwill full moon, what it's been saying is "Make Room for More Love." Not yet sure about any of the practical aspects of this instruction, as to how, when, where, etc., yet the directive is absolutely clear ... and most welcome.

6/6 Sat 9pm Meditation
There was a sense of agitation due to major change occurring, from a more predatory energy that is resistant to evolution into an experience which is joyous and humane. The noise comes from the ungroundedness the change is causing — it required intense focus invoking peace to come in and through. Many are seeking the path and everyone's coming together initially is causing cacophony as all the diverse paths converge. A hookup was made to the plane of spirit and then a field of deep blue enveloped everything and everyone on the side of light.

Aries, The Ram

On Easter here's to share this summary from Meditation and the Rhythm of the Year by Michael J. Eastcott (with emphasis added) ...

The symbol of this sign, the down-turned horns of the Ram, signifies its primary keynote ~ the coming into manifestation, the start of the cycle which will carry out the purpose of the Life Force. The methods by which this takes place are expressed in the following four injunctions or commands of the soul as incarnation is begun:

1. Express the will to be and do.
2. Unfold the power to manifest.
3. Enter the battle for the Lord.
4. Arrive at unity through effort.

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