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Decision of Heart Focus

Activations for Earth

With gratitude, this Image is from:

This has been the experience;

Rites for EARTH.

To restore; purify; rewire; evolve;

To activate again all 12 strands of DNA.

Fiery Furvor

Aquarian Impression

Look Up, Around, & Within


Again, an existing painting has connected with a SouledOut posting.

“Natural Bridge” is of a beautiful place on Earth near Field, British Columbia, where a stretch of large rocks span the raging Kicking Horse River.

At one time it may have been possible to travese this span naturally.

Now…“Jupiter bridges, fuses and blends, freeing us from duality.”

Waters of Life

Balancing the "Brain Bits"


The Functioning of Malachite

Portal of Solitude


We create our own PORTALS

Sometimes We




Making the Holy Visible


PORTALS on Earth

can be made


bringing the IDEA

into actual


in the physical.


Island Portal to the Holy


Being a Clear Portal.

Solitary,,,,yet absolutely not.

Being the conduit

Between Centre Earth;

Surface Earth;

Open the Inner Body Door Into the feet,

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