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The Sleeping Fire

The Sleeping of Fire Commitment

The Sleeping Fire of the Soul’s Commitment
Holds the Yearning Heart softly in it’s hands.
The Passion of the Burning Light
Beckons the life to awake to its true calling.

Oh, Sleeping Caterpillar,
It is time to emerge from your cocoon
And spread your wings and fly.

Only fear holds you back from giving
Yourself totally to God’s will.
Only false security tethers you to the life you have led.
And to be open to doing
What must be done to serve the will of God.

For complacency is a Block to be exposed.
And when you choose Not to choose


Now the whisperings of the Angels
Reaches the Heart of those
On the path of Love
To live as disciples of the Master.

Meet the Source
Of your Hearts Love,

Merge with the Light of Your Soul.
Accept the Oneness of God’s Creation.

Believe you are able to Bring
This Great Love into Your Being,
And so Attune yourself
With the Radiant Energy that
Holds the vessel of Spirit.

Allow this Love to be your Keynote.
Give Direction to your Divine Purpose.
And bring the Consciousness of Christ’s
Into your Consciousness,
Your body and your love.
So you may be attuned


All of the Songs of praise are carried
On the soft winds of a far greater Love.
A love that is the flame within,
That burns from the Heart of the One.

The soul feeds the Fire of the Call.
To receive the Gift of Communion.
To be carried to the Light
That transforms
As does night to Day.

For there is a New day that is dawning.
And it is more powerful than the Ancient fears
That have held the world in darkness,
For it is from the Creators radiant Light.
And it will give us a new vision
Of how Heaven can be brought to earth.

And with the New Day comes a birth

the Circle of service


It is in true humility
That we can learn….

It is in the Stillness
That we can open the door to our Soul….

It is in Understanding
That we can feel
The true Heart that calls

And it is with Gratitude
For all of the Gifts we’ve been Given
That we can share….

And it is in Sharing
That we are Blessed
And the Perfect Light of the Souls Love
Can Shine Forth through our Being….

And we complete the circle of Service
To say Thank You God

the call

The call

Call upon the brightest light
And let it be in you…

Call upon the sweetest song
And let it speak to you….
Open up your heart and Mind
Open up your soul…

Let the deepest secrets out
And free you so you can know….

You are a child of God
As are we all you see….
You have the power to live the way of truth
So you can be…..
A Force for good….
A Way of Light….
A humble servant of Love…..

Each day can be a blessed gift
As we learn the teachings from above….

Let the doubts be released…
Let the fear be gone..
Come into the Circle
And greet the Brand new dawn…

we are not alone

We are not Alone

We are not alone…
We are all here on this Path Together for a reason…..
Each ray of Light Shining Forth from this planet…
To add to the Legions who are
Now working for the Good of All…..

We are Not Alone…
We are Called by Love to bring our Heart and Soul
to Guide Use and give us a Purpose that comes from God
to reveal to Ourselves Who we truly Are……
We are Not Alone….
The Radiant Energy of the Divine merges Our Light and Love…
And creates a Foundation that will bring forth

Redeeming Light Of Love

The Redeeming Light of Love

Allow the absolute Purity
Of the One Light of God
to Find a Home in Your Heart….
And remember the Love that brought you here

A love so Strong that it can Carry you Straight to the Place
Where you can Forgive and be Forgiven….
You can Believe and Understand
Why you are meant to Believe….

And you may find the Source of the Souls Living Spirit….
And it may Redeem your faith…
And give you a purpose
That allows you to be aligned with God’s Plan….

Listen, Listen Messengers of God..
It is time to be blessed by the Holy Spirit…



Be love
Be Light
And Be enlightened….
Be Joy
And InJoy…..

For in Being Love
We are Love…..
The Living Love of God

By being the Light
We share the presence of Living Light,
And we are Transformed
as the Light flows to us and through us

And by being Joy
we give ourselves to Believing the Good in Life
and the Blessings we are given in Joy…

For we are Instruments of Love, Light and Joy….

We are Divine Beings
Born as a Reflection of God

And by Becoming Light, Love and Joy…
We are Fulfilling our Destiny…

Trust in God

Trust in God

The Source of the Soul Illuminates
The true gifts of the Heart.
Much of the Trying that the Mind Directs
Knows not how to release and be Still in the Absolute
Reality of this Now Moment of God

Do you trust in God?
Can your Love of the Teachings of the Masters
Allow you to Hold your Soul
In the Heart of the Circle of Light?
To Serve a greater purpose
To Pledge your life
To the Teaching of the Masters
To Know the True Power of God
And allow that Power
To be used for the Good of All

To understand that you are One with God



Can you experience the Absolute Love
That is in the Source within
A love that allows you to receive a transforming light
That Redeems your faith
And Gives you a Hope
And allows you to surrender to a Greater purpose
And leads you to your true self

Can you Be an Instrument of that Love
And trust that Joy ignites the Fire
And the passion of Purpose
That is held as the Key
That says Yes to your intent to Serve this Love
This divine connection to God
That is the Spirit of Who you Are

Honor that Love
By Living this Love

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