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Say Yes

Say Yes

Know in your Heart the Truth
Of the One Source of Light,
Brought into the Reality of Billions
of Reflections of this Radiance throughout humankind.

Feel the Power of the Ultimate Infinite Love
That holds the Key to all Understanding and forgiveness,
So we may experience this Love in Ourselves
And all of the Billions of Radiant Reflections of the One light.

See the Sacred Planet of Earth
As a Place that can be a paradise that is Heaven On Earth,
Where Humankind may use the gift of Life to Live
With Compassion and Kindness
to help each other and Love each Other

God's Lifeline

The Living Lifeline

And through this Life experience,
The Ultimate gift is to be able
To Yes to Love, and Embrace life,
With all of it’s many radiant imperfections.
And see the Perfection of God’s Love
Existing within the seed of each soul.

Each being just waiting to be found,
To be understood,
To be loved, for the Truth of who they are.
Just As God Love’s them with unconditional Love.
Each Soul holding a seed of life planted here to exist
In this earthly experience,
Did God know how the dream and illusions Can dim the Light
and how lost we can then become.



Restore the Energy
Of the One perfect Love.

Restore the Balance
Of the Divine Feminine.
And Bring the love that can heal
All you are,
Into your very heart,
And Into your very Being.

This is the Light and Love
You can Claim from your Source and Maker.
This is the Energy that you Know to be your direct lifeline
Of your soul to God.

That is the Perfect Power
That leads you to call Forth
The truth that is Waiting to be revealed.

What is this mystery but Life itself
Becoming the Reality
Of how we hold the Gift of Love.

The Divine way we become

The next Level of Light

The Next Level of Light

Now the Next level of Light Comes.
Claim this point of Light as your Heritage,
Your entitlement, your entrance to this place of Heaven.

For your Soul is of the Son,
The Radiance of your Being
is born of the Love that is of the Creator.

That very Breath is Your Very Breath.
That very Life is your very life to Live.
That great Love is yours to Be and To know.

There are no limitations in the Oneness of God’s being.
In the Oneness that leads you to where you
can join in The Way, the Truth and the Life.

This is yours to Claim,
This is yours to choose,
And this is the salvation that is your lifeline,
That was given you by God.
Through his merging the Christ and the Love
That is Christ in Man,
Man and God,
God in Man.
It is your Heritage. Your Entitlement.
Your Enlightenment,
And your very Being of Spirit Eternal.
Of Life Everlasting. Of bliss Divine,
And of this Very Moment.
Here in you,
Alive, now and Forevermore,
Be it, Believe it!
And live It in Being it.

The Lord our God is One

The Messengers of God are One

The Masters are all Messengers of God.
And when we listen Closely to out teachers words,
We find it is their deep Love of God
That joined them to Him to be able to bring
The Word of God to humankind.

The words of the Masters all worship
The light that is from the Source of all.
It is the light that has enlightened the ones who have been lifted up
To the Fire and has merged man and God.

The Love of the One God is what drew all of the True Servants of God to dedicate their Love to him.

The Merging

The Merging

Oh, The Sweet Merging of Minds
That leads to see beyond
What is known.
To allow the imagination to be sparked
and the Vision Born.
To join the Loving of the Beloved,
To Open the Heart to be able to Give,
With all of the Devotion
That comes from the One Source of Creation.

And What is Life
But a merging, A giving and a Receiving
Of these precious Gifts
Of Love and Light.
All Brought into being
By Believing,
By Understanding
And Allowing
Your Life to be In God’s
Omnipresent Hands.

From Whence you Came,
To Where you Shall Return

The Power to Love

The Power to Love

Receive in the deepest realms of the Center of the Heart,
The Power to Love and Be Loved

To Love with the Sweet Grace of God.
To understand with the Faith of Divine Trust,
That this Love is your Purpose,
And Your Protection.
And it will Allow you to Be Open to
The Light that is the Radiant Energy that
Carries the Transforming Presence of All
that is the very Core of Life.

This Light combined with This pure Love
Is alive in the Eternal Christ
And is your Holy Connection to God.

Give Great Thanks by Sharing
This Light and Love

Release the past

release the past
Lift all the veils of illusion
And Accept the life you have Chosen.
This is the foundation you have built.
Bless this foundation.
Bless this Life.

And release any thing that no longer
Serves the Journey onward.

Sweet dreams,
Sweet delusions,
Be released.
Be set Free.
Empty the secrets of the Heart.
So the Pure Light of the Master
Can come and redeem your reality,
So you can truly give yourself to God.
For all of the Life’s Choices and Distractions
Were only Preparation for the
Building of a New and brighter Way.

Bring All of Who you are to God

Bring the Whole of who you Are to God

Bring the Body, Mind, emotions and Ego
And Place them in the Light of the Alter of truth.
Bring them to the Chalice as an offering of your Life.
And Let the Light Allow you to see
All of Who you Are with Nothing Hidden.

Stand naked in the Love
that can Accept the Whole of Who you are to God.

Have the Great Compassion to understand
That your Life and all that you have created,
Will never be perfect.
Yet, without judgment,
Without separation,
You can bring your self
To engage your life and all of Who you Are with God.

While you are Here

The Power of the Energies of the Wesak Festival Is Present.
Thank You Davita for you inspiring Message!

Here's my Morning Message
While you are here

While you are here
Let the Fragrance of the Flowers of heaven
Fall upon your senses.

Let your Heart Be intoxicated by the Joy
That comes with the union
of God’s Love with Humankind.

Let your Self Know
That you were Meant to be here
Upon this Blessed Earth.

And that with the Guidance
Of the Divine teacher,
You may learn to have the Strength
It takes to walk through the World,
And while seeing the Truth

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