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Nothing can hold you back

nothing can hold you back

but your own choice 
all of the light of the universe is present 
waiting for you to see and choose 
why not open your heart and mind
to the unlimited possibilities 
to create the life you want
and set your soul free

To the heart of humanity ~ Spiritual Focus, July 24 - 30

When I despair, I remember that all through history
the way of truth and love have always won.
There have been tyrants and murderers,
and for a time, they can seem invincible,
but in the end, they always fall.
Think of it ~ always.

- Mahatma Gandhi

Day Out of Time
Annually July 25th

ah the heart of humanity is aching
and there are those who wonder why
the world is in such chaos
and there are so many that have to cry 
and we look at all the news 
and stop and take a sigh
as we see the broken hearts 
and tears that fall for all of the lost lives 
but if we could also see
the good that is alive
the ones who are praying
and candles lit for those who are gone



Stop and Be Still

And in this now moment Behold the Glory of God and Creation!

Behold the exquisite beauty that the Miracle of Life expresses as Love

Open your heart and feel

The love that is there for you to find.


Open you mind and let the light that feeds the sun

And the world in all its glory Shine through you.


Stop and be still and listen to the millions of sounds

Merged as one, the sound of the Word

That calls to be heard, that sings through this world.


What followed after the Great invocation

We all know and use the Great Invocation, and itf you read further in the Alice bailey books from which it came, it is suggested to use the following as part of the great invocation. Just thought I would put it out there to share.

Sacred Light and Transforming Love

The Energy of the Wesak Festival has never been so powerful..

There is so much love and light available right Now.

I wish to share this Wesak message I got this morning..Many Blessings of Love and Light to all.


From the Highest mountain top


We are  standing at the doorway

To the kingdom of the highest light.

Come now into that light beloved,

Be in the presence of the pure heart

Of the Masters love.


And if you ask you shall receive,

And if you knock the door will be open to you.


And you will breathe in the divine energy

That holds the presence of the Master.

And you  will be in the presence of the power of love.


For this love is the bridge

That holds the key to open the door

The Greater Good

For the Greater Good of All

And Now the Living Light of One Love
is Joined in the Circle of the Souls
who Offer their Lives to Share and serve the Way.

For the Way of the Living Light
Can be activated in all who are choose
To be a part of the Ones who are here to aid the Planet
And bring the World to a greater Understanding
Of how we can fulfill the purpose we came here for.

There is a common Breath of the Love of God
That will bring us to comprehend that
The world needs us to join together
To open the doorway to a higher vibration,

God's Love will Prevail

God’s Love will Prevail

And from the Highest point of heaven
To the farthest depths of Earth,
The Lord Speaks of His Love,
His deep undying Love
That is here in the Living Christ
To lift us to Salvation.

A Love that is based in knowing Who we are,
And that we all can choose Compassion
And give the love we have to the World.

Let our Hearts be open to this Love.
Let our faith be restored to
See the power of the True potential
Each of us has when we let Love
Come into our hearts to heal us,
To renew our Faith
And to allow us to believe.
For each of us can Love


How would you Clothe the Raw Spirit
Of God’s Love,
When this Spirit it holds
Is naked and free.

How would you dress,
what needs to be seen,
When it’s invisible, beyond words,
And yet holds the key.

It is the Greatest gift that you’ve been given,
resides inside of you
When you truly believe this
Would you just sit there quietly,
In the face of all you knew?

Would you sell the secrets,
As if you could own the Way.
When God’s gifts are given freely,
And are there to guide you in everyday.

All can hear the calling,

Prayers for the World

Prayers for the World

All around the World
There are prayers being said,
All around the World
there are the Ones who hear the call,
and who receive the answered prayers.

May the people who can help
To change the world receive your guidance
So that they can serve God and those in need.
Can we believe in our selves enough
To do what must be done.

Oh, Heavenly father,
Bring the light of your true vision
Into our souls.
Bring your unconditional Love
Into our hearts.
Give us the power to do your will.
To be your voice,
To speak your truth.

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