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Pisces may give us a clue to our Cosmic Destiny

While we meditate during the energy of Pisces we can reflect on some of the thoughts given to us by the Tibetan about it:

Pisces—The Light of the World. This is the light, revealing the light of life itself. It ends for ever the darkness of matter.

A study of the above thoughts will reveal the symbolic story of the irradiation of matter, of the growth of the light body within the macrocosm and the microcosm, and finally make clear the purpose of the Logos."
        - Esoteric Astrology, Alice A. Bailey, p. 331

A special blessing for our animal friends

As we come to the end of the Thanksgiving season, let us not forget to be grateful for all the animals of earth that help us and give us comfort and love. Sending special blessings of St. Francis of Assisi to all animals everywhere and healing and loving energy especially for those who are in need at this moment.


When we begin to realize that the Universe is a Living Being, and that each form that it has created, including ourselves, is a part of that Living Being and has a purpose in being here, we also begin to realize that each form is in process of recognizing and Becoming that which it essentially IS.

Cosmic Union; Planetary Purpose and the Plan

Infinity I, 93. "A concordance of actions is called a real union. Cosmic Union will direct all creative forces in the future; this is the principle upon which the new manifested world will be founded..." Helena Roerich

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Thanks All,


The Great Mother

Some wonderful thoughts to ponder from Master M through Helena Roerich.

Infinity I, 38. If we compare the work of Cosmos with the work of man, we may find the closest correlations on our planet. Let us see wherein cooperation with the elements has been realized. The vegetable kingdom takes what it requires for its growth. The cooperation between man and the cosmic riches is clear. From the animal kingdom we take what is necessary for our existence, accepting it as being customarily due us. When man built his dwellings upon the lake shores and hewed them out of the rocks, he subordinated the world to himself and proudly dominated it. Now the same man dominates, but, having been enriched by all manner of subtle means, he has progressed toward an understanding of the riches of Space.

The word materialism has assumed a monstrous significance. And yet, materialism should be based upon the all-pervading substance of the power of the Infinite. Why this perversion of cosmic power? The symbol of the Mother of the World, giving form and purpose to the entire Breath of Cosmos, transforming the kernel into incalculable manifestations, crowns our Earth with beauty.

Harmony of the World

Dear Friends and Co-Workers:

The impetus for writing the following came from meditation at the Full Moon and also what one co-worker wrote recently: "I would propose to nourish in this time the fiery relation or formula that associates the Ideas of Purpose with Harmony..."

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