Monadic consciousness is aware of and faithful to the great universal Oneness ~ Life, the sustaining force, expressing through the Spiritual Triad uniting Spiritual Will, Intuition, and Higher Mind. Monadic consciousness embodies Divine Life ~ purpose and intent ~ and utilizes the unified Triad, which works through the Soul in order to demonstrate through that Soul the inherent Purpose of Deity. Building the bridge between lower and higher mind is the first step towards achieving Soul consciousness, and once that is attained, building the higher bridge from the Soul to the Monad begins, and thus the first step towards Monadic consciousness and the Way of the Higher Evolution.

What you need to know is "That" within you,
which sees and hears, and comes from God's Word.

Your Self is the Father;
they are not separate,
their union is life.

- Poimandres, Alan Jacobs
The Essential Gnostic Gospels